Small Photographic Gym – second edition

Francesco Chiot

  • November 2023


Why follow it

Photograph: it cannot say what it lets us see (Roland Barthes – Camera lucida)

Nowadays, anyone can take a technically perfect photo.
It is very different to be able to imagine a unique photographic project and develop a personal portfolio that tells a story. And Roland Barthes in his book ‘Camera lucida’ (1981) had already framed what many years later would become the main theme for photography. The image has become a language with its own grammar and narrative structure.

📸 it is intensive training, but it will change the way you think about photography

📸 is an opportunity to improve your ability to select the most meaningful images for your photographic project

📸 is the workout that will help you to imagine a fascinating and impactful storytelling

Challenge yourself with weekly workouts that will change the way you see and describe the world

How it works

Francesco Chiot’s Small Photographic Gym is imagined as a visual workout, with group analysis exercises of individual photographic projects to be able, through writing and comparison, to find your own unique style.

This is how the weekly training sessions will be organised

1. The basics: vision and criticism
2. Visual narrative: photography, editing, evaluation and planning
3. Your visual story: defining and communicating your own practice
4. Capturing the essence: communicating your project
5. Concluding in style: the art of cutting to enhance
6. Drawing sums without rolling the dice

The teacher

is an independent photographer and videomaker, working in Trieste and exploring various photographic techniques. (
He works with analogue photography, infrared photography and makes immersive 360° videos.
He has collaborated with artists, performers and musicians to explore the relationship between identity, perception and expression. Until 2018, he curated the documentation and communication of public events at the International Center of Photography (ICP) in New York. It also collaborates with international events such as the Trieste Science Fiction Film Festival and with the International Talent Support (ITS). He worked as a scene photographer on the set of ‘La Porta Rossa’.




©2023 Francesco Chiot, Out of time project photo

Distinguishing marks

Each lesson will be characterised by a form of sharing and discussion between the participants and the lecturer. Not a classic lesson with a desk (actually a table tennis court), but through increasingly detailed and customised exercises each student will refine his or her visual analysis.